I believe that good copy results from good thinking. Thinking that considers the entire creative puzzle. Underlying business objectives. Synergies in format. Emotional context. Only then can you arrive at something that moves people: a story with strategic bones.

I'm a senior concept-driven copywriter and content strategist based in Berlin. Originally from Britain, I moved to Germany for the weather. I know how to interpret a brief and come up with curious solutions to problems. I also know how to execute on a number of levels to see an original concept through to final production and delivery.

Before going freelance six years ago, I was Product Marketing Manager at Wunderlist. That was acquired by Microsoft. I was then Community and Content Lead at Readmill. That was acquired by Dropbox. Before all that I made music and was commissioned to work on adverts for Adidas, Lacoste, Axe and others.


- Campaign ideation
- Editorial production
- Product positioning
- Branding

- Websites
- Emails
– In-app
– Print collateral
- VR/AR experiences
- Video scripts
- Brand books
- Style guides
- Social media strategy



The brief: Refresh copywriting style, tone and structure for the launch of the 2016 Fall collection. Make emotional connections with readers by giving product descriptions more of a lifestyle edge.

My take: Wireframe a new layout for The North Face website to allow stories to unfold more cleanly. Create benefit-driven copy that reflects exploration and puts readers at the heart of the action.


The brief: Write Instagram posts to engage with more than half a million followers. Tell the emotional writing stories of hand-selected ambassadors and influencers.

My take: Read through influencer input and create stories that approach the topic of writing from an unusual angle. Use abstract headlines and playful wording to hold the reader's interest.


The brief: Create postcards that invite high-net-worth prospects to explore the latest Bentley campaign, centred around the idea of spontaneity. Inspire these people to visit the microsite.

My take: Create mini stories based on real-life routes and relevant luxury stop-offs in different parts of the world. Write with sophistication and distil the essence of spontaneity through connoisseurship.


The brief: Write catchy copy for reposted user photos on Instagram. Try to find an unusual angle for storytelling, keep things short and use sophisticated humour where appropriate.

My take: Look for connections between the settings and the cars. Write from an emotional point of view to elevate the brand's purpose. Use word play for snappy, smart descriptions.


The brief: Introduce Hyundai's new electric car to the general public in a way that prioritises human emotions and aspirations over technology. Use language that is natural and friendly.

My take: Write three interactive content journeys that explain the benefits of the car by way of relatable examples. It's less about what the car is, and more about what it can do for you.


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