The North Face

Throwing out the old to launch the new
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The brief: Refresh copywriting style, tone and structure for the launch of the 2016 Fall collection. Make emotional connections with readers by giving product descriptions more of a lifestyle edge.

My take: Wireframe a layout for The North Face website to allow stories to unfold more cleanly. Create benefit-driven copy that reflects exploration and puts readers at the heart of the action.


Telling stories that go above and beyond
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The brief: Develop creative stories for ŠKODA's consumer-facing news site, Storyboard. Pitch ideas to stakeholders for approval. Find unusual angles that transform dull topics into entertaining experiences.

My take: Create stronger ties between photography, copy and layout. Don't tell obvious stories; share small truths that let readers join the dots. Directly brief agencies and oversee the production.


Taking the robot talk out
of e-mobility
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The brief: Introduce Hyundai's new electric car to the general public in a way that priortises human emotions and aspirations over technology. Use language that is natural and friendly.

My take: Write three interactive content journeys that explain the benefits of the car by way of relatable examples. It's less about what the car is, and more about what it can do for you.


Sharing the gift of writing through writing
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The brief: Write Instagram posts to engage with more than half a million followers. Tell the emotional writing stories of hand-selected ambassadors and influencers.

My take: Read through influencer input and find an unusual storytelling angle. Use abstract headlines and playful wording to hold the reader's interest.


Making sense of actual
rocket science
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The brief: Write regular pieces for the company's award-winning print publication, On Air Magazine. Inteview staff and report on civilian, military and aerospace developments without being dull.

My take: Place the facts inside a surprising yet easy-to-understand narrative that paints pictures and demystifies technology. Use a playful style to make learning a little less boring.


A new voice for a global
CRM programme
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The brief: Modernise the brand's global CRM programme. Create fresh, narrative-led content to inspire and inform every Volkswagen customer over a seven-year period.

My take: Work as part of the photography and design teams to make more of the copy. Create stories that evoke feelings of adventure and stay true to the brand's witty, cheeky personality.